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  • QFX Wireless Dynamic Professional Microphone, Silver
  • Qfx Wireless Dynamic Professional Microphone, Silver
    SKU: M-308

    * Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
    * Frequency Response 100-1000Hz
    * Sensitivity -72dB
    * Impedance 600 Ohm
    * One AA Battery to Operate Microphone
    * Two AA Batteries Included
    * Effective Distance 15-30 m
    * Includes: Microphone
    * Receiver
    * Wireless Antenna
    * Cable

  • $19.99

    Out of stock
  • Singing Machine CDG Portable Karaoke Lightshow
  • Singing Machine Cdg Portable Karaoke Lightshow
    SKU: SML383YB

    Be the life of any party with the Singing Machine Portable Karaoke System SML383! When the disco light feature and Mega-bass sound kicks in, you’ve got the ultimate audio and visual experience! The front load CD player plays music CDs and CD + Graphics. RCA cables are included so you can plug it into your TV to sing along with scrolling lyrics on your big screen. The built-in speaker with disco lights, Auto Voice Control, balance and echo control lets you sound your best.

  • $89.99

  • Supersonic Portable Bluetooth Karaoke System with 7 in. LCD Display in Black
  • Supersonic Portable Bluetooth Karaoke System With 7 In. Lcd Display In Black
    SKU: SC-3077K

    Any successful event requires heavy duty speakers that are powerful enough to reach the entire audience. These speakers deliver durability, flexibility, and outstanding audio performance with exceptional range. This speaker system is perfect for nightclubs, home entertainment, seminars, or any other venues and events.

    This Speaker Delivers Durability, Flexibility, and Outstanding
    Audio Performance with Exceptional Range
    This Speaker System is Perfect for Outdoor Events & Home En...

  • $179.99

  • TechPlay 3 Speed Turntable with Pitch Control, FM Radio and RCA Out
  • Techplay 3 Speed Turntable With Pitch Control, Fm Radio And Rca Out
    SKU: TCP2

    * Contemporary 3-Speed Stereo Turntable 33/45/78 RPM with Stereo Speaker System
    * LED lights , 110/240 UL listed AC adapter for use world-wide.
    * Pitch Control for Adjusting the Record Speed and lift lever
    * 45RPM Adapter and dust cover included.
    * Auxiliary Input , RCA out and Headphone Jacks

  • $69.99

  • TechPlay Analog Turntable with Built-in Phono Pre-amplifier, By-Pass selecter, Auto-Return, Aluminum Platter and direct PC Link
  • Techplay Analog Turntable With Built-in Phono Pre-amplifier, By-pass Selecter, Auto-return, Aluminum...
    SKU: TCP-4530-RED

    * Audio Technica AT95E Cartridge, +/-%10 Proffesional Pitch Control with target light
    * Aluminum Turntable Platter, High gloss piano finish, Anti shock legs
    * Auto-return professinal S Shaped Metal Tone-arm, Detachable Headshell And Counter-weight Included
    * With PC Link Function To Record From Turntable To Computer, RCA line out
    * Built in Preamp with bypass selector, Rotary Knob For Play/Stop/33/45RPM Selection

  • $219.99


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